Burton Riglet Park

This season, Boarder’s LTR Center will open a Burton Riglet Park in Azuga and Sinaia, a concept through which children aged between 2 and 6 can take their first steps in snowboarding. It’s a common misconception that kids have to start on skis before learning to snowboard. But our experience has been that with the right equipment, in the right place and in safe conditions, children as young as 2 years old can learn the moves and advance quickly on the snowboard. Toddlers are masters of the “squatting position”, so they’re quite comfortable assuming that position while strapped into a snowboard.

What is a Riglet Park Burton?
It is a special place with small ramps and snow waves, where the little ones can learn the first steps on snowboard safely, away from crowded resorts or too steep slopes for their age.
It is a small park where the kidos will be riding on the snowboard being pulled by the instructor and will fall in love with snowboarding from the first lesson, as children participating in the promotion events “Welcome to Winter” organized in Bucharest by Boarder’s Store.