Backcountry Guiding

Any snowboarder’s dream is to find a line full of powder snow. But this is often harder than it sounds. Our guides from the Burton LTR Backcountry Guiding program will show you how to explore new and off-the-beaten-track places from Bucegi, Baiului, Făgăraș mountains safely. These places will definitely leave a mark on your riding season and will also be some awesome memories.

1The first step you need to do is to check the weather and the snow levels in the area where you want to go.2Don’t forget to hydrate and prepare consistent food. At this level you will consume many calories to suddenly be very hungry.3Organize efficiently, prepare your equipment in advance and give yourself enough time to get to know your guide and the other team members. Let them know you too.4It’s snowboarding, so enjoy as much as you can. Your guide and other team members work to ensure you have a good time, so don’t be shy.
and smile!

Although this season is not looking exactly optimistic, the mountain tops and steep valleys are still full of snow. And not once did winter hit full force after March. So if you’re thinking about an adventure, get ready.

We are always thinking about adventure. So the other day we tried two places we always like to go. Because we are versatile, we preferred both the technical areas in Valea Cerbului, Bucegi and the flow lines in Balea, Fagaras. The snow was mixed, from portions of ice to thick snow and powder. Whether we were on splitboard or solidboard, on crampons, or on boots, they all have the same common denominator: good vibes only.

Autor: Marius Stratila
Poze: Marius Stratila si Tiberiu Macaveiu